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Vala Secure was originally Founded in 1981 by Henry Garland as an IBM mainframe software developer. Through the course of business, Vala Secure transitioned to a cybersecurity and compliance consultancy serving clients across the US in financial, healthcare, education, legal, and government industries. Vala Secure’s offerings have included cybersecurity, audits, testing, virtual advisory services, regulatory compliance audits, and risk assessments.

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A Match Made in the Cloud

Vala Secure and IT Voice have long histories of enabling and protecting clients with advanced cloud and internet technology, while building enduring relationships rooted in customer satisfaction. With similar missions and complementary specialties, Vala Secure and IT Voice now move forward together under the IT Voice brand.

In 2022, Vala Secure proudly joined forces with IT Voice, combining their capabilities to give clients unsurpassed access to an even broader suite of services and tools, while receiving better customer service and improved support. Together, Vala Secure and IT Voice enhance the opportunities and experience of each client, providing truly superior service.




IT Voice - Technology Simplified

IT Voice is a technology company offering cloud, VoIP, internet, managed IT, and now cybersecurity services. Their reach stretches across the US with fourteen office locations. IT Voice has a deep focus on excellent service and specializes in leveraging technology to solve customer challenges. In addition to their technology services, IT Voice leadership encourages  time spent on culture, careers, and community impact.
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