Breach Assessment

Proactive hacking for peace of mind.

Breaches are what you typically hear about in the news. Companies dread them for the financial and public relations repercussions. But try to tune out those headlines -- it’s not all doom and gloom. Actually, the number of massive breaches is pretty low.

That’s where breach assessments come into play.

Proactively testing internal and external controls in your environment and within your team gives your organization the opportunity to fix things first -- before they turn into someone else’s fear-mongering headline.

This personal, real-time inspection is a super-intensive way to test your organization at a number of levels. It’s a powerful opportunity to see how your organization can stand up to hackers –– without the risk.

Talk to us about your goals. Your worries.

We’ll take those worries off your shoulders so that you can rest easy.

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Getting creative to protect your business.

Breach assessments examine every opportunity to infiltrate your organization. It can be hard to know what’s out there at any given moment. In fact, it’s changing all the time. But that’s not something you need to worry about -- it’s what we live and breathe here every day at Vala Secure.

You’ve got this. Threat of a breach doesn’t have to hang over you all the time. With the Vala Secure team, our breach assessments are extremely thorough. You’ll not only know where risk exists, but how to mitigate those risks and protect your organization. We are a part of your team, and we care about protecting your business.