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Protect Your Patients. Protect Your Organization.

You spent countless hours each day providing care for your patients. It’s your job to help them get and stay well. As part of that duty, your office also processes a great deal of personally identifiable information (PII) and personal healthcare information (PHI). 

Unfortunately, while your practice, hospital, or other healthcare organization uses this information to help you provide better care for more patients, PII and PHI are attractive targets for cyber criminals. Ransomware and network attacks are becoming increasingly commonplace among healthcare organizations, putting your patients and your business at risk. 

As one of the most trusted professions in the world, your reputation is one of the most critical parts of your practice. Here at Vala Secure, we serve as a guide for medical practices and healthcare organizations. We’ll help you take the right steps toward protecting your patients, your practice, and your reputation.

We help you take charge of cybersecurity so you can focus on your patients.

At Vala Secure, our roots go back to one of the most highly scrutinized industries -- banking. To succeed in that industry, we had to immerse ourselves in cybersecurity. 

We know what it takes to be secure. 

We also understand how to properly identify, assess, and mitigate risk or perceived risks. We’re not here to scare you. We only “sound the alarm” and recommend action when it’s necessary to protect your healthcare organization.  

Over the years, we have worked with doctors, hospitals, and software providers for the healthcare industry to understand your unique challenges and concerns. We then developed cutting-edge solutions to help you take charge of cybersecurity, protect your patients, and ultimately, protect your business. 


Cybersecurity services and testing for healthcare organizations include:

Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO)
A Virtual Information Security Officer from Vala Secure gives you direct access to your very own Chief Information Security Officer, but for a significantly lower investment than necessary for a full-time hire. Your VISO will craft and oversee cybersecurity strategy and implementation for your healthcare organization.

HIPAA Testing

HIPAA Testing from Vala Secure can help you relax, knowing that your practice and your patient information are safe. We’ll create a custom HIPAA testing plan drawing from the range of testing listed below. Specific tests will be determined based on your unique organization and situation.

Risk Assessment
Through risk assessments we look at your healthcare organization from a high-level to identify major areas of risk. Then, we deliver an actionable report so you can take action.

Regulatory Technology Audit
Our team will test and review hundreds of technology elements across your healthcare organization. Then, we’ll provide you with a plan of attack to handle any issues that are detected.

Breach Assessment
This real-time inspection will test your organization at a number of levels to identify potential risks for infiltration of your business.

Penetration Testing
The Vala Secure team will use technology similar to what’s used by hackers to try and gain access to your network from anywhere in the world.

Penetration Testing - Wireless
Particularly crafty bad guys will sit outside your business to try and gain access. With wireless penetration testing, we’ll test the security of your borders from close proximity. We’ll also provide suggestions for fixing any issues.

Internal Vulnerability Assessment
Sometimes an internal network has vulnerabilities that can be exploited by the bad guys. An Internal Vulnerability Assessment tests your internal network to identify potential vulnerabilities and offers recommendations for addressing them. 

Social Engineering
Sometimes the “human network” offers additional vulnerabilities that can be exploited by criminals. With Social Engineering, we test all elements of your human network and share recommendations to keep your healthcare organization protected.

Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMaaS)
The Vala Secure team will conduct annual assessments to ensure your network is consistently monitored for vulnerabilities.

ISO Gap Analysis
During ISO Gap Analysis, the Vala Secure team identifies gaps between your current standards and the standards required to achieve and maintain ISO 27001 certification.

SOC Reporting
SOC Reporting prepares you for SOC 2 and SOC 3 testing, which is completed by external auditors.

Protect your patients. Protect your organization.
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