Vulnerability Management as a Service (VMAAS)

A strong plan for ongoing protection.

Our vulnerability assessment service assesses your internal network and gathers an extensive amount of data. Depending on the organization, these are conducted annually, or perhaps more frequently.

For organizations looking to create a more secure environment, VMaaS, or “Vulnerability Management as a Service,” ensures consistent monitoring of your internal network to identify (and create a plan to mitigate) potential vulnerabilities before they become issues.

With VMaaS from Vala Secure, you get:
  • Scheduled and on-demand monitoring. With VMaaS, we will install a physical appliance on-site to monitor your network. Form there, we will schedule regular scans based on your requirements. We also have the flexibility to scan your network on-demand as any additional needs arise.

  • Constant monitoring of your network and reporting of data. Although we will schedule scans and can run them for you on-demand, we’ll also teach your team how to manually scan the network, so that you have the ultimate flexibility and peace of mind knowing you can scan your internal network at any time. Vulnerability databases update weekly, ensuring your scans are consistently updated and protecting your network.

  • Access to our team of experts to distill or break down any data so that you know exactly what was found (and how to address it).

Automate your protection so you can rest easier.

Let’s talk and see how VMaaS may be a fit for you.

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More than a report. Guidance.

We speak to many organizations of all sizes. Oftentimes, consistent scanning and ongoing protection is a priority, but they haven’t had the time or manpower to build a plan. It’s for organizations with these challenges that we developed our VMaaS service.

The Vala Secure team will review your scans monthly and prepare a detailed report with actionable advice. As with all of our reporting, your report will be filled with clear, actionable statements -- not crammed with industry jargon.

Specifically, reporting can include:

  • Risk ratings, tracking, trending, remediation, and exceptions

  • Reports available through portal and include executive reporting

  • Ability to help customize and create reporting packages for standard offering

Although VMaaS involves automated scanning of your network, our relationship with you is anything but automated. We’ll compile and review your reports every month. But we’re also here when you need us, to answer any questions, provide advice, and to complete any additional scanning or testing to help you protect your organization.

We are always happy to guide you along the path toward a more secure organization. That’s why we’re here.