ISO Gap Analysis

Protect your ISO 27001 investment. 

There are quite a few options today for organizations seeking the highest-level of security and protection. One of the highest global standards for security remains ISO 27001. When your organization commits to this standard of excellence, ensuring continuous compliance is critical — particularly as your audit nears.

ISO Gap Analysis from Vala Secure compares your current security standards to ISO 27001 requirements. We’ll identify any gaps between your current standards and those needed to achieve and maintain ISO certification.

We like to put it this way: Do you remember when you were in high school and preparing for the SAT? Many of us took the PSAT — the practice test before the big day — to help us prepare for the actual test.

ISO Gap Analysis puts you through the rigors of an ISO audit, adhering to the same level of quality, so that you can proactively address any issues for a stress-free audit experience.

Whether you’re getting ahead of your audit or have an urgent need, we can help.

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It’s about more than experience.

Conducting a thorough assessment and analysis of your organization and its ISO 27001 compliance requires a keen eye with exceptional expertise. We are always very proud to share that the Vala Secure team is comprised of cybersecurity experts. Our robust knowledge of ISO 27001 standards and experience conducting ISO Gap Analysis provides our clients with peace of mind and comfort, knowing that they’re working with the best.

But we also realize that our clients have many choices for the information security and compliance needs. It’s been a long time since we were “green” and dipping our toes into this industry. But from Day 1, we knew that in order to succeed and thrive, we had to commit ourselves to our clients.

Over 30 years later, it’s still the foundation of our organization.

When you partner with Vala Secure, we become a part of your organization. Your goals and concerns are our goals and concerns. We’ll complete your ISO Gap Analysis and present our findings in jargon-free, actionable language. Then, we are here to help you stay compliant, grow and evolve as technology (and hackers) continue to evolve, and to protect your business in the long run.