Penetration Testing

Identify vulnerabilities. Before the bad guys do.

Security and the internet go hand in hand. Businesses cannot operate in today’s landscape without worrying about security and hackers, and they certainly can’t go back to the Stone Age before the internet!

Penetration testing provides your organization with full peace of mind. The Vala Secure team uses a variety of tools to try and gain access to your network from the outside looking in -- looking for flaws and opportunities for ne’er do wells to wreak havoc.


Choose Vala Secure to guide you through this process, and you’ll gain:

  • Testing using a combination of the world’s best tools, including Nexpose, Metasploit Pro, Kali Linux and more. And that testing is administered by a team of experienced, passionate cybersecurity experts here at Vala Secure.  

  • Actionable results, in plain English. We don’t resort to industry jargon when talking to our clients. Instead, we explain our findings and put together recommendations in plain English.

  • Flexibility. Penetration testing can be completed from anywhere in the world. Wherever your company is located, we’ll conduct thorough, efficient penetration testing to help you identify critical vulnerabilities.


We’ll guide you toward a more secure business.

So you can enjoy the peace of mind that comes along with security. Talk to us about your goals and concerns. We’re here to help.

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Going further than the status quo.

Your business, your employees, your customers and your job deserve better than average. We go beyond a simple Firewall Scan Approach to find vulnerabilities.

Thorough penetration testing with Vala Secure examines the nooks and crannies of your organization to identify vulnerabilities. Then, our team presents them to you with a game plan to fix them and keep your organization safe.

This process will, at minimum, evaluate the following:

  • Domain names

  • Registered IP address space (discovery and scan)

  • Web presence (public, online banking, extranet)

  • DNS provider(s)

  • Email (external)

  • Use of your email addresses on the Internet (and other reputation risk issues)

More specifically, we review, text, and document the presence of all your organization’s information in areas other than just the Internet interface. This scope of work characterizes your organization’s network and firewall and identifies potential security weaknesses in your presence on the Internet, email, online banking, and other IP services and protocols.

The Penetration test deliverable has four sections:  

  • Findings. The external profile of the Client from the Internet.

  • Conclusions. A discussion of the exposures, concerns, and issues with your external presentation.

  • Recommendations. Actionable recommendations that address concerns and suggestions to improve the compliance of your Internet-related services. This information may be used internally or can be given to service providers.

  • Appendices. Raw data from investigation and scans.

We can also perform penetration testing on wireless networks and applications. Not sure where to start? We’ve been doing this a long time, and we know what questions to ask in order to determine what needs testing and when. We’ll explain everything along the way, so you know what we’re testing and why.