Penetration Testing - Wireless

Fend off nearby enemies. Fortify your walls.

Sometimes you have to worry about the bad guys across the country or even the globe. Other times, they’re right outside your door (literally).

Wireless access points are typically inherently more insecure than your primary network. But, they serve as a gateway to your network, allowing the bad guys to gain entry even if your primary network is well protected.

Wireless penetration testing from Vala Secure thoroughly tests your organization from close proximity to protect your network and keep the bad guys out.

When Vala Secure performs wireless penetration testing for your organization, we:
  • Test every possible access point. We test everywhere, including employees and the public, to identify and potential vulnerabilities. If there’s a way to get in, we’ll find it.

  • Use the latest tools. The bad guys are using top-of-the-line tools to try and infiltrate your organization. It only makes sense that, as your guide in the wild world of cybersecurity and compliance, Vala Secure uses the latest tools and technologies too.

  • Deliver more than results. We won’t leave you high and dry after completing our tests. You’ll also get specific recommendations for eradicating any vulnerabilities. And all of it will come without industry jargon or fluff. We’ll give it to you straight, so you know what to do next.

We’ll take care of it, so you can put your mind at ease.

Let’s schedule some time to talk and see how wireless penetration testing can protect your business.

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It’s sometimes the things you don’t consider that leave you vulnerable.

Your BYOD or other internal policies place numerous devices in the hands of your employees. They roam your halls using iPad apps, hold meetings on FaceTime or Google Duo, and are otherwise productive at every corner.

Public-facing wifi is an expectation for consumers today, and you’ll find free wifi in most businesses. Providing this perk to your customers; however, opens your organization up to exploitation.

These wireless access points provide convenience to your team. But they make your organization vulnerable to the bad guys.

We’ll scour and test your wireless access points to ensure they’re locked up safe and tight to keep your organization, employees, and customers safe.

This process will, at minimum, evaluate the following:  

  • Wireless Policies/Procedures

  • Physical Limitation/Exposure

  • Internal/External Network Segmentation

  • Vulnerability Testing

  • Packet Collection

  • Wireless Console User and Policy Review

  • Wireless Best Practices

Then, we’ll compile a jargon-free, actionable report to help you take action and become #ValaSecure.

The penetration test deliverable has four sections:

  • Findings. The external profile of the Client from the Internet.

  • Conclusions. A discussion of the exposures, concerns, and issues with your external presentation.

  • Recommendations. Actionable recommendations that address concerns and suggestions to improve the compliance of your Internet-related services. This information may be used internally or can be given to service providers.

  • Appendices. Raw data from investigation and scans.