Virtual Information Security Officer

Relax knowing you’ve got a senior-level executive on top of information security.

Information security is changing at, or even more, rapidly than consumer- or business-facing technology. Put simply, hackers and scammers are getting smarter, and they’re working harder to infiltrate businesses across the globe. There’s big money in hacking, sadly, attracting a great deal of young talent.

To build a culture of security within your organization, and to constantly grow and evolve your security efforts to keep up with the bad guys, having an executive-level security officer on your team is critical.

Here’s the thing, though. CISOs, or Chief Information Security Officers, are expensive. According to, the average salary for a CISO in the United States is between $192,000 and $254,000.

That’s quite an investment.

Of course, a breach or other security disaster can cost an organization many times that amount.

A full-time investment in a CISO isn’t necessary to gain the ongoing, strategic and literal protection your organization deserves for peace of mind and most importantly, results. With our Virtual Information Security Officer (VISO) program, an experienced senior level information security expert from the Vala Secure team serves as your information security officer.

We become a literal member of your team, overseeing strategy and implementation of strategic principles, teaching members of your team what to fix and how. You gain the exceptional experience, knowledge and peace of mind that comes with a senior-level information security officer, at a fraction of the cost of hiring a full-time resource.

If you’ve been reading our site, you’ve noticed that we like to refer to ourselves as your guide. We’ve been doing this for a long time, and we’ve seen an awful lot of the past 30+ years. The entire team at Vala Secure is proud to guide your organization on its path toward security. With our Virtual Information Security Officer role, our role as your guide takes a new meaning.

Gain the expertise and peace of mind that comes with a senior-level information security executive.

Talk to us about your organization and its goals so that we can help you reduce costs and increase security.

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Meet your organization’s (Virtual) Chief Information Security Officer.

It can be hard for some organizations to justify the cost versus the value of hiring a Chief Information Security Officer. Two hundred thousand dollars is a massive investment (not to mention benefits and other internal costs for a full-time hire).

We also know that in some locations, it can be a struggle to attract top information security talent to your organization.

Yet, your organization needs senior-level guidance to keep its information, employees, and customers safe. That’s why we developed our VIrtual Information Security Officer program, to allow organizations the opportunity to place senior-level security talent on their team and gain the strategic guidance and implementation that comes along with it, without breaking the bank.


Within your organization, our Virtual Information Security Officers will provide:

Project Management & Risk Management Support
From annual reports to internal risk assessments for new technologies and services our project management solution will keep your organization focused on security and ensure your governance is compliant no matter the framework.

Technology Policy Management
We’ve seen tons of environments.  That means we know which policies will fit your organization best.

Incident Response Support
It is important to realize there will be data and/or systems compromises. We are here to prepare and respond accordingly when (not if) there is a data incident.

Customized Training & Education
We believe in-person training is best and a face to face connection to an VISO makes the importance of security real.  Also, many training elements today only focus on compliance and phishing, but we incorporate many separate vectors including, Mobile Devices, Incident Reporting, Safe Browsing, Physical Security, Ransomware, secure email usage, etc.

Vendor Management Support & Review
Efficiently risk assessing and managing risk of your critical vendors is time consuming and many times without much significant upside.  Our vendor management solution leverages economies of scale to assess your critical vendors from many aspects, much more efficiently than onsite staff.

Business Continuity Management & Preparedness
Similar to Incident Response support it is important to understand there will be continuity issues for your business.  Our solution puts a continuity plan on paper, but more importantly identifies the best continuity strategies for your business so in a disaster everyone is prepared.

Put the expertise of a c-suite information security officer inside your organization.

Reach out and schedule some time to talk about your organization and its goals so we can put the right Virtual Information Security Officer to work for your business.
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