Social Engineering

Protect your employees from the bad guys.

We’re all busy focusing on those mission-critical tasks that keep our businesses humming every day. Hackers and scammers know this, and have gotten pretty clever at devising ways to hack important information without penetrating your network.

Social engineering essentially tests your human network, identifying vulnerabilities and offering a game plan for protection to avoid any breaches down the road.

This is some in-depth testing -- you may not realize it, but there are hundreds of ways to gain access to important data within your organization every day. We aim to check as many of them as possible. And we’re not ashamed to say we are really good at it.

Here are just some of the ways Vala Secure will conduct social engineering to protect your organization:
  • Phone calls. This is still one of the most common ways hackers gain access to important business information. Busy and distracted employees don’t always have the resources to vet who’s on the other line. Consequently, they may accidentally divulge proprietary information.

  • Phishing emails. We will also send out phishing campaigns to your employees in order to test their ability to discern valid emails from attempted scams. Phishing emails often appear to be coming from a trusted source; however, they are actually carefully crafted by hackers, who use them in order to trick you into sharing login and other information.

  • In-person attempts. Often, an incognito visitor from Vala Secure may stop by your office during social engineering testing, unknown to your staff. Through conversations and open eyes (among other things), we will test to see if our “spy” can gain access to protected information, vaults, and more.

  • Dumpster diving. Yes, we will go through your dumpster to see if employees accidentally discarded paper with protected information. If hackers or scammers are willing to do it, Vala Secure is willing to do it. How else can we feel confident we are helping you secure your business?

Knowing the small things prevents big problems.

We’ll worry about the details so you don’t have to. Talk to us about your business and its goals, and let’s see how we can protect your organization.

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We’ll guide you toward better security (and peace of mind).

It’s very important to note that this is a training exercise. We are here to guide you toward security and peace of mind for your organization, and not to “gotcha” anyone. Many of our clients consider us members of their team, since we become so entrenched in your organization and its inner workings. This isn’t a responsibility we take lightly.

A vast majority of the time, we find multiple vulnerabilities within our client organizations. These vulnerabilities happen at all levels within an organization. We document all of our findings, and walk through them with you so you understand exactly what is occurring and where. We also help you devise a plan to fix those issues (and can help you with implementation).

We’re not here to get anyone in trouble. Our goal is the opposite, really. It’s to identify vulnerabilities, then educate you and your team to understand how “human hacking” invades organizations.

That way, it’s much less likely your organization falls prey to the bad guys.